NOVEMBER  5th  2019   -   NOVEMBER  7th  2019

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Who's NOT missing out? 

Fill Me In - What's YPU?
YPU is geared toward young, profesh individuals - just like you. Think vendor presentations, roundtable sessions on hot topics that effect YPs, workshops, team-building activities and plenty of networking events (Umm, hello Mardi Gras World).
Wanna hear the best part? YPU is sponsored by our lovely vendors, meaning your flight is covered (up to $350), along with your hotel and meals. We're talkin' as free as the good ole' U.S. of A. We want people who may never get to attend the shows or region meetings to snag a seat at the cool kids' table and hear from peeps within the industry.
We’ve had many retailers come to us and say, “I planned on passing down my business to my children when I retire, but they came home from college and have ZERO interest in this industry. They don’t find it interesting and don’t see how it can be successful.”
We get it - maybe some of you wanna do your own thing. The truth is this industry is thriving and we want to help you make a profit by working hard (but not too hard) and learning some trade secrets. YPU is about learning from each other and building a network of ideas and marketing strategies to keep customers coming in your door. Team work makes the dream work, ya know?
Sounds Awesome, Right?
We think so, and we hope you're just as excited as we are!
Let the countdown begin!
Keynote Speaker
J A S O N    D O R S E Y
Unlocking your Talent: Strategies and Insights to Fast-Track Your Career and Success

The Deets:

Hyatt Centric French Quarter

800 Iberville Street

New Orleans, LA 70112


Closest Airport:

(MSY) Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, 15 miles


When Should I Get There?
 Tuesday, November 5 for a 2:30pm Starting Time
Thursday, November 7, for a Late Afternoon Departure
The $350 check to offset your travel expenses will be distributed
during the final session on Thursday, November 7.
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